Lets review what is included in a Surf Session and what you will need to bring along. Any additional questions or information please contact Jake Kirby – Contact Us Page

What should you bring?

Your self is the most important! But remember you are on a boat in the PNW, always check weather ahead of time – We will run rain or shine 🙂

You are responsible for:

  • Swimsuit (Something that wont fall off) Towel, Water/snacks, Sweatshirt, Sunscreen recommend change of clothing

These are nice to have:

  • Life vest
  • Do you have your own board? Bring it 🙂
  • Wet or Dry suit if its early season and water temps worry you

How much does it cost?

We have set each session to 20 minutes – This does not limit you to 20 minutes of riding! If you would like to have all 4 sets in 1 1/2 session – You can reserve all for spots.

  • Single 20 min session is $65 (Including fuel!)
  • We will offer 2 and 4 packs with additional savings (See Shop for pricing)
  • 4 Pack will allow the entire session to be booked to you and your group, you can bring 6 people along with but max 4 20 minute sessions (So only 4 riders)
  • We do offer half and full day rentals (4-8 hours) Please use the Contact Us page for these requests

I am new – I need help! 🙂

This is one of our most favorite parts of what we do, We love getting new riders out there! Do you have a friend that has wake surfed before – We can have them come along to help as well.

When booking please notify us you are new, we offer “Beginner” sessions that we provide an instructor to help get you going the first time. Feel free to contact us ahead of time before booking to make sure we get everything lined up.

Lessons – Private or Group

Our drives are experiencing and will offer tips / help but if private or group lessons are wanted – Please contact us to setup a session.

If you are looking for lessons from beginner to intermediate – We can help! This is setup on a per rider basis, we like to grow the passion of our riders and help improve their skills and love for the water.

Can I bring a friend? What if they don’t ride?

Due to Coast Gauard regulations, the largest group that we can take out is 6 plus a driver. Our 1 1/2 hour sessions are setup for 4 riders – This does leave an available spot or two for a parent, guardian, and/or spectator.

These spots are reserved for riders under the age of 18 who have to be accompanied by a legal guardian. Please contact ahead of time to see if the extra spots are available.

Schedule and Pickup Location

We have a set sessions scheduled starting May 15th – Sept 30th. We will continue to add additional time slots as weather improves through out the session.

Time slots a 1 1/2 hours long, please plan on being on the boat for the entire time. You are expected to arrive to the dock at least 10 minutes before session starts. We want to respect everyone’s time and would like to have the first rider going at session start.

Private sessions are available during and outside the dates above.

Pickup Location: Sammamish Landing Park 4607 E Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE, Sammamish, WA 98074

The boat, The boards – All the fun!

We are currently surfing behind a 2021 Sanger 231SL – This provides an amazing wave for all riding styles! New, Pro, regular, or goofy – We have you covered!

As far as the boards, we support bringing your own but we will provide a variety of surf and skim boards: CWB, Ronix, Soulcraft

Boat: Sanger 231


Please download the following waver – Fill out and email before your first Wake Surf Session. To be safe, please bring a printed out copy to your Surf Session so we can keep it on file.

Link to waiver